Thursday 14th March


12:30 pm - 2:00 pm — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Open for registrations


2.00 pm - 2.10 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Official Welcome

Hon Mike Butterick – National MP

Masterton-based sheep and beef farmer Mike Butterick began his farming career shepherding in Canterbury before moving to Wairarapa more than 30 years ago.  

Mike has served on the board of Wings Over Wairarapa, and as an executive member of the Wairarapa Water Users group and Wairarapa Federated Farmers.


2.10 pm - 2.20 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough


Paul Turner– Convenor


2.20 pm - 2.30 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Welcome to new members

Mike Stott – CSNZ Chairperson


2:30 pm - 3.30PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Wealth Management

Liz Blake – Enable Me

 Learn how you can become more ambitious and build momentum to meet your wealth growing goals for a more secure financial future.


3.30 pm - 4.00 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Annual Practice Review

Liz Blake



4.00 PM - 4.30 pm — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Afternoon tea


4.30 PM - 5.00 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

LINZ Update

Anselm Haanen – Surveyor-General LINZ


5.00 pm — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Topics for discussion 

 Facilitated by Mike Stott, CSNZ Chairperson


5.30 PM — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough


Paul Turner – Convenor


07.00 PM - Karahui Wine Bar & Eatery

Welcome Dinner (optional)

Invitation to attendees and their partners – $85pp (limited number, booked on a first booked basis)

Please see the Social Outings page for additional information

Friday 15th March


9:00 AM - 11.00am — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Calm under Pressure

Hosted by Dave Wood

Your mindset is perhaps the single most important aspect of your mental game. You don't have to be an extreme athlete to reap the benefits of a high-performance mindset. This thought process is available to anyone. Its about developing the right high-performance though patterns to be your best. In this session with Dave Wood, learn how to change from a Fixed to a Growth mindset as well as learning skills to remain calm under pressure.

11.00 - 11:30 am — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

Morning Tea


11.30 - 1.00 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

What good looks like

Facilitated KPMG

You have worked hard and have a successful business with ambitions to grow. KPMG help us identify and optimise our ‘Enterprise DNA’ which is based on the 8 traits that high-performing businesses share.


1.00 - 2:00 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough



2.00 - 3.30 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

Metrics that Matter

Facilitated KPMG

Businesses need to keep on top of key ratios to understand what levers to pull. Whether you are big or small, good data and appropriate measures are the key to good decisions.


3.30 - 4:00 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

Afternoon Tea


4.00 - 4:15 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

S+SNZ Annual Update

Andrew Perry, S+SNZ President


4:15 - 5.30 pm — Waihinga Centre Martinborough

How is your business tracking for 2024? 

Michelle Blicavs & Craig Turner – Association of Consulting Surveyors Australia

This interactive session will provide insights from the room and lessons learned from our colleagues in Australia as the team from Surveyors Australia share insights from the surveying profession’s approach to building thriving businesses.  The session will include:

  • Hourly Rates data
  • Salaries update
  • Upskilling for Surveyors
  • Team Insights

Craig Turner is the Managing Director of SDG and President of Surveyors Australia.  SDG have won the Australian Surveying Consultancy Excellence Awards 3 years in a row, so they must be something right!  Michelle Blicavs is the CEO at Surveyors Australia and together with Craig they have developed a Business Academy that is seeing Australian firms take purposeful steps towards profitability and success in their businesses.

You’ll leave this session with a deeper understanding of what it takes to build a thriving surveying business that has set you up for succession, time for holidays and profit!




5.30 pm— Waihinga Centre - Martinborough


Paul Turner – Convenor


7.15 pm— Moy Hall Winery, 1 Martins Road, Martinborough

Dinner at Moy Hall Winery (optional)

Invitation to attendees and their partners – $130pp (limited numbers, booked on a first booked basis)

Continue networking in a relaxed enviroment and enjoy a menu featuring the season’s freshest local produce.

Please see the Social Outings page for additional information

Saturday 16th March


7:30 am - 9:30 am —Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Breakfast & Key Note Speaker (optional)

Invitation to attendees and their partners – $40pp

7:30 – 8:20 am – Buffet breakfast

8:30 – 9:30 am – Key Note Speaker

Claudia Batten
What High Performance Innovation looks like Claudia has had a career spanning corporate law, tech entrepreneur, head of a government agency and now public-company Director. The thread that draws all of these disparate dot's together is innovation and a desire to impact true industry change.</p> <p>From Claudia’s roots in commercial law she has been a founding member of two highly successful entrepreneurial ventures. As part of the founding team of Massive Incorporated, a network for advertising in video games, she helped pioneer “digital” as a media buy. Massive was sold to Microsoft in 2006, where Claudia then spent 3 years scaling the in-game network. In 2009 she co-founded Victors & Spoils, the first advertising agency built on the principles of crowdsourcing. After two years in market, V&S was acquired by French holding company Havas Worldwide. Claudia also spent three years running North American operations for NZTE, supporting disruptive thinking for the growth of NZ exports in North America. Claudia currently is Chairperson of NZX and ASX listed digital travel company Serko and a Director of NZX and ASX listed Vista Group and NZX listed Air New Zealand.<br /> Claudia is a regular speaker on the future of marketing, the impact of connectivity, and on building businesses of the future. Claudia’s experience has informed her business savvy, while her appetite for new challenges, unerring sense of timing and intuitive handle on the pulse of the industry guarantee that she will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. In this session she will take us through her learnings from her diverse experience and challenge us to take bold steps into our future.<br />

9:45 - 10.30 am — Waihinga Centre , Martinborough

Topics for discussion, continued from Thursday

Facilitated by Mike Stott, CSNZ Chairperson



10:30 am - 11:00 am — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

Morning tea


11:00 am - 12:00 pm — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

War Stories

Glenn Stone, Managing Director GSI Insurance Partners


12:00 pm — Waihinga Centre, Martinborough

End of workshop